by ThePeopleISleptWith

This guy and I met in college.  He was in pre-nursing, I was a psych major.  We had class together every Tuesday and Thursday.  I worked full-time in retail and he worked on campus as security.  After some time in a class group together, we managed grab dinner and drinks.  We’d often go to a local dive bar because those are the best.  He was a nice guy and often witty.  One night we found ourselves back on campus looking for a good spot to screw.  We decided the practice football field would be perfect.  It started raining so we stayed in the car.  He was sitting in the passenger seat, I was straddling him.  As my top came off I asked, “What if security finds us?”  He replied in a deep, slow, sexy, sultry voice: “Baby, I am security”.  We both cracked up and had the best time fucking in the parking lot.

Submitted by: GIZAH