by ThePeopleISleptWith

Thanks to some horrible hair extensions I spent six months wearing a wig… a very traumatic experience for a 20 year old girl. It wasn’t exactly a secret.. since I would get drunk, take it off and make my male friends try it on… but the guy I was involved with at the time had no idea. Sitting in his car after a party, waiting for him to make a move, I tried to find the right way to tell him. Unfortunately before I could get the words out he kissed me. In the heat of the moment I forgot about my hair troubles and climbed into the back seat with him. When he tried to run his fingers through my hair I dodged him, when he grabbed my neck I aggressively moved his hands to my boobs… but eventually the inevitable happened. Right after he entered me he ripped off my shirt and with it… THE WIG. I franticly tried to put it back on as quickly and smoothly as possible. Once it was on straight I looked up to see him staring at me in shock. I explained to him what happened and of course we continued BUT I spent the entire time holding my wig on top of my head.