by ThePeopleISleptWith

One Friday night my F-buddy “offered me a ride home.” We went to my place since I could easily sneak him into my room. I was particularly excited that night because it’d been a while since the last time we hooked up and my period had JUST ended. After he left, I turned the light on to change into my PJ’s and I noticed that the condom he’d worn was on the floor next to my bed… it was red. My first thought was that it was a flavored condom, but when I grabbed a tissue to pick it up, I realized it was blood. My blood. FROM MY VAGINA. I pulled the comforter off my bed and was immediately mortified. It looked like someone had been murdered.. like a scene from American Psycho. Apparently, Aunt Flo wasn’t gone like I thought she was. That was when I realized that he kept his shirt on while we had sex. I went into a panic. What if I’d gotten blood on his shirt? WHAT IF I GOT BLOOD ON HIM?!?!?!

Image– Anonymous