by ThePeopleISleptWith

I sat in a hospital waiting room for 3 hours while my boyfriend was in surgery. After listening to every song on my iphone and three intense games of Solitaire I decided to kill time by watching porn. I have no clue what triggered the urge, certainly not solitaire.. it just kind of hit me. Luckily there were only three other women in the room sitting on the opposite side, facing me. I turned the volume on my head phones down just incase. As I hit play I glanced around the room making sure no one could see my screen. 3 minutes and 25 second in my heart was racing and blood rushed to my head. I tried to clear my throat and compose myself, but it was too late. I couldn’t help but fidget. Then I felt a pulse between my legs – Was I seriously about to orgasm!? I was barely moving, this was a first. I bit my lip and looked down as I had a pretty intense orgasm in the middle of a waiting room. Out of breath I looked up to see a middle aged woman starring at me, ooops. What can I say I’m kind of glad I took matters into my own hands.. my boyfriend did need to rest for the next few days.