by ThePeopleISleptWith

Friends with benefits: A fun sexual relationship between two friends……  that is until one is inevitability hurt by the other, ending the friendship for good.
He texted me at 2:09am to hang out. “Just come do it real quick.” SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE GENTLEMEN. If you’re trying to sleep with someone “real quick ” may not be the best way to persuade them. Yeah, lemme get out of my cozy bed for this quicky. “Don’t be difficult, ” he replied. I wasn’t trying to be difficult or play hard to get. I never asked for anything..for him I was never hard to get. For whatever reason he was under the impression that I was on call. A few disrespectful texts later it was clear we weren’t friends. It no longer mattered how good the sex was I couldn’t be a hole to stick his dick in “real quick” anymore.