by ThePeopleISleptWith

He lived in a frat house that I use to party at occasionally. Although we were just friends our drunken nights usually ended with a sloppy make-out session. I never thought much of it until one night. I had way too much to drink and my friends were still raging so he suggested I take a nap on his bed. I passed out only seconds after my head touched the pillow. Around 5 hours later, awake but too hungover to move, I heard the door open. Before I could sit up he walked in front of me and started to undress. To avoid an awkward situation I pretended to be asleep. He told me earlier he would wake me up eventually but instead he got into bed… naked. As I laid there on my stomach waiting for the right moment to escape I felt something taping on my butt like a drumstick… his penis. I really hope he was just that drunk.. if I had penis I wouldn’t do creepy shit like that. WAS HE TRYING INTICE ME? JERK OFF?  I don’t know what it’s like to have a dick, but it can’t be enjoyable to lightly tap it on a unaware, fully dressed person. I tried fidgeting and yawning so we would stop but he kept it up for 5 minutes.  Seconds after he fell asleep I ran out the door and never, ever went to another party there.