by ThePeopleISleptWith

My boyfriend and I were having sex in the southern California desert. We got into a fight, I put my clothes on and decided I was going to walk home. My naked boyfriend started driving down the road, yelling insults from his car. A pair of headlights were approaching so he yelled “Get in the car, that’s the sheriff’s!”. So I got in the car and we take off down the hill leading back into town.

Of course, the sheriff’s car makes a U-Turn and followed us. In seconds, their lights started flashing so we pulled over. Reminder my boyfriend is TOTALLY NAKED. The officer walked over to the car and said “Got any weapons in the car, son?” He answered “No, sir.” Then the cop said “Just one weapon, huh?”, as he pointed his flashlight at my boyfriend’s penis. The cop and his partner laughed like it’s the funniest joke in the world.

They made us get out of the car and wouldn’t allow my boyfriend to put on his underwear for at least a minute. I begged them to let us go… my parents thought we were at the movies, how could I explain this!? They let us go, warning us not to fool around in the desert, still chuckling to themselves.

– Tara Bara