by ThePeopleISleptWith

Hot and sweaty sex is good but I don’t want to walk four blocks home looking like I just swam in the world’s most disgusting pool. Thanks to the lack of air conditioning and extremely intense sex I was drenched. As he hovered above me actual drops of sweat fell onto me.  A few minutes later as our sticky bodies rubbed together they made a “fart-like” sound. I started to laugh and he stopped abruptly. He looked me dead in the eyes and yelled “never, EVER laugh while having sex with me.” He yelled at me while he was still inside me.. SORRY but fart-like sounds are funny. He continued to hump me very aggressively, sweat dripping off his chin, with a look on his face like he hated me. I felt bad that I unintentionally hurt his ego until a droplet fell into my mouth.