by ThePeopleISleptWith

The second he walked into the bar I wanted him. Thanks to my awkward “flirting,” the only thing I knew about him when I left was his first name and a few people he hung out with. I immediately searched for him on Facebook – 30min later I found him. It was way too soon to add him, especially since we had only two mutual friends, so I went to bed. I woke up to a friend request… ehhhh. OK I spent 30 min searching for him but I didn’t request to be his friend. I was no longer interested – crazy, I know…

A month later, after starring at a picture of his perfect face, I changed my mind. We made plans to meet at a bar. It was my first “date” in a year so I consumed two beers and took two shots before he arrived. The “date” started out fine, he was as handsome as I remembered and kind. After an hour he suggested we go to a Karaoke Bar. A Karaoke Bar to me means singing “Chicken Fried” obnoxiously or rapping a Missy Elliot song – obviously as a joke. We put in our song requests and continued drinking. When his turn came up I asked him what he was going to sing. I thought he said “Sexual Seduction,” by Snoop Dog.. which would have been hilarious BUT I heard wrong… He got up on stage and seriously sang “Sexual Healing,” by Marvin Gaye. WAS HE TRYING TO SEDUCE ME!? WAS HE HINTING THAT HE WANTED TO HEAL ME SEXUALLY!? MAKE ME FEEL SO FINE? HELP RELIEVE MY MIND? He starred deep into my eyes the entire time, as I fidgeted in my chair trying my best not to cringe. Although the “date” ended for me right there I tried to enjoy the night so I kept drinking. As I got up to sing he moved his hand from my shoulder and GRABBED my butt. NO he didn’t graze it.. he grabbed it, I felt violated. Of course I turned my cheek when he tried to kiss me Goodbye.