by ThePeopleISleptWith

It was clear during sex that he was only interested in pleasing himself. I figured when I got up immediately to get dressed he would take the hint and go home but he stayed in my bed. I walked back into my bedroom fully dressed in unattractive pajamas when he lit a cigarette.. still sitting on my bed. I immediately yelled “NOT IN HERE!” Not only did he continue to light the cigarette he didn’t apologize. Shocked, I told him to at least stand by the window. I sat on my bed, texting, hoping that my lack of interest would make him feel uncomfortable and unwanted. Eventually I had to just tell him to leave because I had to wake up early. In the middle of gathering his belongings he looked at his phone and told me he was locked out of his apartment… Apparently he lent his key to his roommate who wouldn’t be home until tomorrow, OH SURE. Although he was being as ass I felt bad questioning why that meant he HAD to stay here. Am I the only person in NYC he knew? Did he not have a friend whose place he could crash at? It’s not like he was my boyfriend and his disrespect made it was clear he wasn’t my friend either. Unfortunately, he spent the night. I got up at 8am, got dressed and ready for a job interview.. that I didn’t even have. I needed to get rid of him. We walked out together and I walked aimlessly in the opposite direction for ten minutes to make sure he was gone. When I got home I noticed three buds and cigarette ash all over my floor. I can’t understand how but he was shocked when I no longer wanted to see him.