by ThePeopleISleptWith

Growing up on Long Island I am use to the ” walk of shame ” consisting of :
1) Strutting from his door to my car as quick as possible.
2) Driving home comfortably.
3) Quietly sneaking into my house with sex hair trying to avoid my parents.

Thanks to my low income job and my asshole date I didn’t have the luxury of a car/cab during my first walk of shame in NYC. I immediately regretted the decision to spend the night when I woke up in a un-air conditioned room being cuddled to death. Taking a shower wasn’t an option so I fixed myself up the best I could. I walked out onto 66th and 5th with a dress from the previous night and smudged mascara. After wasting 10 minutes walking in the wrong direction I eventually found the subway. Of course my train was delayed. I waited over a half hour, in 90 degree weather, hungover and surely being judged. I should of expected to run into someone important – because that always happens when you look like shit – so of course I ran into a Professor of mine. I tried to avoid eye contact but eventually he came over to say ” Hi.” GREAT, class tomorrow shouldn’t be awkward at all. Almost two hours later I finally arrived home after receiving one last dirty look from my door man.