by ThePeopleISleptWith

At 1:23 PM I received this text from a boy I knew: “Late night party? ; )” I giggled and showed it to my best friend who was sitting right next to me. We had never hooked up and I probably would of hung out with him if it wasn’t for the rudely suggestive text. At 1:44 PM my best friend ran over to me laughing. She received a text from the same boy only 21 minutes later:  “LETSSS FUQ”.. did he really need to abbreviate “fuck?” Did he think “FUQ” was some how more endearing? Regardless not only did he know we were best friends.. he knew we were always together. Girls…. especially best friends… tell each other EVERYTHING. He either thought we are complete idiots or thought we would be down for a threesome. NEITHER.