by ThePeopleISleptWith

It was our third date and I couldn’t wait any longer. I sat on his bed as he plugged in his iPod and and put on Reggae music. He locked eyes with me and walked over slowly as if Reggae music was some kind of ” sexy” music that set the mood. Although the music weirded me out the second he took off his shirt I no longer cared. Just as things heated up he grabbed his ” sex pillow” a pillow designed to have sex on…. I’m always down to try new things but a sex pillow.. the first time.. Ehh I don’t know. The sex was weird, he kept switching positions. I felt like a rag doll being tossed around. It took a minute or so for me to notice that he was humping me exactly six times in every position. I have no idea where he learned that technique .. BUT NEVER DO IT. I looked up at him to say something when I noticed him counting… one, two, three, four, five, six, switch, one, two, three, four, five. six, switch.. to the beat of the music. After three more counts and my personal best fake orgasm he came. We never spoke again.