by ThePeopleISleptWith

On my way to his house I picked up a pack of standard Trojan condoms. When I handed him the pack to him he tossed them aside. He insisted that they wouldn’t fit. “You should of bought Magnum condoms,” he said. We had been involved for several months and not only was I very familiar with his penis.. we always used regular sized condoms. WHAT DID IT GROW OVERNIGHT? I bit my tongue and let him go on about how the regular size was “too tight.” There was absolutely no need for Magnum condoms but the next day I bought some. The second he put it on I knew it was too big, although he pretended it fit like a glove. Of course it fell off during sex.

LESSON LEARNED: Condom’s are suppose to be tight… not only do you want to avoid spending 15 minutes searching for it inside of you.. you want to make sure it protects you from diseases or BABIES.. So until a man wants to father a child or dig around inside his girl, he should wear an appropriate sized condom.