by ThePeopleISleptWith

I met a gorgeous boy from upstate NY in a bar on the lower east side. We exchanged numbers almost immediately and he kissed me on my forehead to say goodbye. We were in constant conversation for months and knew a lot about each other. I woke up to ” Good Morning” texts everyday. One night… when he was “ drunk, “ he sent me a dick pic. Now although I was impressed, not only did I not ask for it but it kind of freaked me out. I tried to look past it and forget it happened.After MONTHS of texts and phone calls I made plans to drive up and see him. I enjoyed going on long drives and I figured it would be fun. Weeks before we spent hours talking about all of the thing fun things we were going to do when I came to visit. It’s out of character for me to drive that far for a boy but he seemed genuinely nice.
The plan was to head upstate Friday and come home Sunday. I packed my bags and drove over 8 hours to Buffalo NY. When I arrived he took me out for pizza and suggested we watch a movie at his house since I spent almost the entire day driving. After about 20 minutes of the boring movie and months of built up sexual frustration we starting making out. Not long after we had sex. It felt amazing to finally be doing what I have spent months day dreaming about. After we finished I laid my head down on his pillow and turned around to look into his perfect blue eyes. He smiled at me and said “ You should just leave now, the traffic will be horrible tomorrow.”
A few weeks later I found out I wasn’t the first girl he did this to. In-fact he had done this to 5 other girls from my town.

Needless to say I sent his dick pic to everyone I know.