by ThePeopleISleptWith

The female orgasm is complex. Some incredibly lucky women can experience one hands/penis-free, while some unfortunate women rarely or never orgasm. Whether the guy is being selfish or I’m just not in the mood, it doesn’t always happen during sex… so I fake it.

The first time it happened we were at my parents house. I was too busy being paranoid to enjoy myself. I faked it because the longer the sex lasted the risk of getting caught increased. It wasn’t until almost a year later that I crossed the line. After a few beers we were smart enough not to drive, but dumb enough to have sex in front of my friends house. Although his stamina was impressive, it was late, the party was ending and people kept walking past us. I faked it but he kept going and going. In order to avoid even more jokes from my friends I faked it again, aka I’ve had enough I’M DONE. It wasn’t until the 4th fake orgasm that he finished. Now he think he can make me orgasm four times… I WISH.

cosmo kramer