by ThePeopleISleptWith

I had one “long term” relationship. He was my first real boyfriend. Our sex life had a rocky start, basically because I knew I had to do it or I would send him right back between the legs of the snobby ex. We were seventeen and the only place we could be alone was my car, a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It just HAD to happen that night because my best friend planned to loose her virginity that night too. Just when I thought it couldn’t be less romantic he suggested I park behind the BOB’s Clothing Store in our shitty suburban town on Long Island. I had done my research ( googling how bad it was going to hurt ) and wore the sexiest pink lace underwear I could find at the mall. I didn’t want to stain my light-grey back seats with blood so I grabbed a sweat shirt that I found in my trunk. He took no time ripping off my clothes and putting on the mint condom I took from my friends house. I read the least painful way to loose your virginity was to be on top and in total control. After 10 minutes of explaining that to him, how much this meant to me and asking him to be gentle.. it was time. As I hovered over him he grabbed my waist and sat me down abruptly…. yes full force… virginity gone and OUCH. Although I tried, it’s safe to say I did not hide the pain. After a few pumps, I needed a break. I don’t know if it was the pain or anger… but I was no longer in the mood for sex. He laid down.. the best he could.. reminder we were in the back of a jeep.. and started kissing me. Just as the make out session heated up he came…. no he was not inside of me. Without a word he put his clothes back on and left the car to smoke a cigarette. As I put my clothes back on I noticed the sweater I grabbed wasn’t mine, it was my best friend Katie’s. I clearly had no choice but to throw it out the window. Not only did I not enjoy my first time, but I didn’t enjoy the 39387648 times that followed in our long term relationship… that interestingly enough revolved around having sex twice a day.